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Bosco at 8 months of age, he is a European bloodhound.





· Bloodhound In Training, a non profit organization dedicated to search & rescue, invites you to learn more about us


· Trailing missing persons, from lost Alzheimer's persons to lost children, is our sole charge. We are committed to K-9 bloodhound training & trailing.  K-9 bloodhound trailing, also known as a “man trailing” is a part of Search And Rescue (SAR) services. Our mission is to provide life saving search and rescue services by providing trailing and human remains detection (HRD) assistance to:


· Local and Federal Law Enforcement

· Public and Private Sector Rescue

· Fire Departments Rescue



· Bloodhound In Training, is devoted to serving others through Search And Rescue; our promise is to provide a well trained trailing dog and handler at your time of need


· Ongoing training several times per week with our search and rescue bloodhounds includes urban/rural trail settings, Land and water HRD training. In order to provide the most up to date services to the public, funding is necessary to support attendance at regional and national conferences and seminars along with ongoing training 

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Diesel and Bosco attending the AMPWDA 2011 Winter Seminar in NM hosted by the Pueblo of LagunaThank you for your support AKC CAR... Bloodhound in Training


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